Koppenhága + Tivoli: utazás repülővel, szállás és belépő

Koppenhága + Tivoli: utazás repülővel, szállás és belépő

Az utazási ötlet tartalmazza a szállást két fős elhelyezéssel, a repülőjegyet illetékkel. a kézipoggyászt és a belépőt a világhírű TIVOLI vidámparkba. Ajánlunk egy szállást, de a következő lépésekben másik hotelt is választhatsz. A keresés gombra kattintva testre szabhatod az utazást: itt tudsz további utasokat, gyerekeket adni a foglaláshoz. A foglalás gombra kattintva így, ahogy van lefoglalhatod, csak befrissítjük az árat, mert az változhat, ahogy a repjegy vagy a szállás ára változik.

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A városról

A decade ago, visitors came to Copenhagen just for its canals, cobbled squares, charming streets and pastel painted houses. Now this city is most known for its innovative design, cutting edge architecture and its top-rated restaurants. This historic city of canals has become trendy, cosmopolitan and exciting, without losing its old charms. The fairytalelike port of Nyhavn, the city’s legendary waterfront, is the most traditional sight of Copenhagen, where visitors enjoy the cobbled streets and colorful houses that contrasts with Langelinje quay, where the city’s most famous attraction, The Little Mermaid, is located. Walking along the Langelinje quay, the modern opera house appears on the horizon bringing tourists back into the 21st century. Another of the city’s new waterfront landmarks is the Black Diamond entertainment complex, an additional reason to travel beyond the tiny tourist-focussed centre. The building itself is stunning and provides a unique opportunity to lounge in a deckchair overlooking the water. Two of the coolest areas of the city are Veesterbro and Norrebro, away from the herds of tourists. These vibrant neighbourhoods will allow the most adventurous travelers to mix with the locals and experience the buzzing atmosphere of places like the Norrebro Food Hall, a covered foodie market, or the Ralea, the restaurant where local chefs go to get food after work. Copenhagen’s coolest borough of trendy bars, design stores and eateries, where visitors can experience the culinary revolution the city has to offer, it's just a metro ride from the city centre. The less-travelled island neighbourhood of Christianshavn offers a tranquil glimpse of residential life and canal-side strolls. It’s also home to the “free town” of Christiana, a colourful alternative community built by hippies in the 1970s, which shines with galleries and cafés, and has its own, strict set of rules. Copenhagen is clean, safe and easy to get to know. It is also one of Europe’s greenest cities and its public transport would make New York green with envy. Its centre is reserved for pedestrians and strict anti-pollution laws enforced. It’s an environmentally idyllic spot with plenty of green space and bicycles often outnumber cars, so be careful of stepping out into bike lanes. Wander carefree to the world-famous Tivoli amusement park and the city’s delightful botanical garden, or take to the pavement cafés and restaurants in the summer alongside the locals. Whatever you decide to do in the Danish capital, whether you dig design and dine, or wander in wonder, Copenhagen will keep calling you back like a siren.

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Tivoli Gardens Skip the Line admission

nap 1 - Standard Ticket
Founded way back in 1843 Tivoli Gardens attracts a whopping 4.5 million visitors a year. Come rain or shine, you're guaranteed a good time in the second oldest amusement park in the world!

- Lose yourself in the majestic Tivoli Gardens
- Enjoy thrilling attractions suitable for the whole family
- Stroll around the lake at Parterre Garden

Tivoli’s hundreds of trees and the many carefully designed gardens are part and parcel of the Tivoli experience. Visit the Parterre Garden, listed as Danish heritage since 2014, take a stroll around the lake, study the rhododendron garden that doubles as the setting for the Vintage Cars kiddie ride and don’t miss the many flowerbeds where greens and vegetables grow alongside perennials and summer flowers. Tivoli’s herbs and flowers are actually used by the chefs in Tivoli’s restaurants, by the way.

Each season of the year has its particular look, from narcissi and tulips in the spring over roses to autumn flowering perennials and hardier plants such as hyacinths, helleborus or even kale and cabbages. Tivoli’s Halloween and Christmas looks fit with the seasons. Halloween boasts 20,000 pumpkins and Christmas thousands of Christmas trees and spruce garlands. At night, Tivoli is spectacularly lit no matter what time of year you visit.

Make sure you check Tivoli’s daily programme before you visit. You wouldn’t want to miss half a great concert or show just because you forgot to check the start times. Tivoli’s outdoor venues give you live performances every single day: ballets at the Pantomime Theatre, music at the open-air stage or the Harmony Pavilion, parades with the Tivoli Youth Guard every weekend and rock or pop concerts every Friday.

The indoor venues offer world class ballet and concerts which are well worth travelling to. Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater are regular guest performers along with other great ballet companies. Jonas Kaufmann and Sarah Coburn are among the top performers who have played at the Tivoli Concert Hall.

Rides and games
Even if you are not a huge fan of rides, there are a few rides you shouldn’t miss when visiting Tivoli Gardens. The Ferris wheel gives you a beautiful view of Tivoli which is particularly pleasing at dusk just as the lights have been lit. The classic wooden Roller Coaster, built in 1914, is one of the World’s oldest wooden roller coasters still operating, and one of just seven roller coasters worldwide with a brakeman on board every train.

Tivoli’s many quaint games add to the old-world charm of the popular amusement park. Battle against each other in the 5-game-tournament 5-Kamp or play, throw and shoot just for the fun of it. At Nimb the focus is on detail - and the guest is always at the centre of attention. Nimb style also features both the magic of Tivoli and a warm Nordic atmosphere. Nimb was built in 1909 as an Arab fantasy castle by Tivoli head architect and director Knud Arne-Petersen. Since then, the establishment has undergone many transformations and in 2007 Nimb was refurbished from top to bottom. However, the unique old-world charm is intact.

Nimb Hotel has 17 luxuriously furbished rooms and suites. 21 rooms will be added in late 2017 when Tivoli Corner opens. The Nimb restaurants – Nimb Bar ‘n’ Grill, Nimb Vinotek, Nimb Brasserie, Fru Nimb and Nimb Terrasse – all ooze elegant yet relaxed atmospheres and aim for excellence in service as well as food and drink. Nimb Bar is the perfect watering hole before or after your business meeting in one of the many Nimb Events venues. In 2015, Nimb was voted the World’s Best Hotel by Small Luxury Hotels in the World among 520 hotels in 82 countries.

Food and drink
You really are spoilt for choice at Tivoli Gardens when it comes to food and drink. Fast food or fine dining, we have you covered. Tivoli offers cuisine from all over the world, including Danish and Nordic cuisine, of course. Tivoli’s restaurants are experienced in catering for large groups. In fact, counting both indoor and outdoor seating,10,000 people can sit down to a meal at the same time at Tivoli Gardens. A group travelling together but splitting up for the Tivoli visit may use prepaid vouchers for meals, drinks etc. to make run as smoothly as possible.

More to do
You can easily spend a day here without even noticing how quickly time has passed. If, however, you are looking for more activities, Tivoli has good connections with the surrounding businesses which gives you the chance to make the most of everything in and around Tivoli and Copenhagen.

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Koppenhága + Tivoli: utazás repülővel, szállás és belépő
Koppenhága + Tivoli: utazás repülővel, szállás és belépő